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Li-ion Battery Electrolyte Solvents

  • Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC)
  • Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC)
Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC)Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC)

Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC)

  • CAS #: 616-38-6
  • Assay: 99.98%min
  • Product description: Guiheng New Materials supplies high quality Dimethyl Carbonate DMC.

Chemical Name: Dimethyl Carbonate DMC

CAS #: 616-38-6

EINECS #: 210-478-4

Molecular Formula: C3H6O3

Molecular Weight: 90.08

Hazards Symbols: F

Risk Phrases: 11

Proper Shipping Name: Dimethyl Carbonate

Hazards Class: 3.2

UN #: 1161

Packing Group: II

Physical and chemical Properties


Colorless, transparent liquid under room temperature

Boiling Point


Flash Point


Melting Point



1.069g/ cm3

Refractive Index


DMC Quality Indexes


DMC is superior methylating agent, carbonylating agent, hydroxymethylating agent and methoxylating agent. It characterizes active chemical property.

1. Used as excellent electrolyte solvent for lithium.

2. It is an intermediate for organic synthesis and widely used as solvent for paint, pigments and adhesives.

3. A good substitute for traditional solvent like Ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, acetone, butanone, toluene, dimethylbenzene.

4. Used as preparation for polycarbonate, pharmaceuticals, perfumes and synthesized lubricating oil, etc.

5. Used as water treatment agent and additive to gasoline.

6. An ideal substitute for such hypertoxic chemicals as phosgene, dimethyl sulfate and methyl chloroformate. It is considered a green chemical.

Packing and Storage

Packed by 200kg galvanized drums or painted (baked) drums, ISO tank, tanker or as per customers’ request.

Keep it at cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Storage and transportation follows regulations on flammable chemicals.


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