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Dongying Guiheng New Materials Co., Ltd specializes in research &development of new materials, including electrolyte additives &solvents for Li-on battery, APIs and fine chemical intermediates.

Our R &D building (1600m2) is equipped with advanced facilities like microwave reactor, ultrasonic wave reactor and continuous flow microreactor (platform). They enable us to complete a series of special chemical reactions, making production process more advanced, more efficient and greener. Our factory is located in Blue Economic Zone of Hekou District, Dongying City, Shandong Province.

Main products are ethylene carbonate(EC), propylene carbonate(PC), dimethyl carbonate(DMC), ethyl methyl carbonate(EMC), diethyl carbonate (DEC), 1, 3, 2-Dioxathiolane 2,2-dioxide (DTD, ethylene Sulfate (ES), 1,3 propane sultone (1, 3 PS), propyl propionate (PP), ethyl propionate (EP), beta-D-glucose pentaacetate and newly developed multi-purpose monomer, say, Vinylphosphonic acid.

Our experienced research personnel and process technicians total 30. We shall always hold the spirits of “being innovative, honest &cooperative, seeking win-win situation and giving priority to science &technology development” to serve customers home &abroad, to promote national craftsmanship and to build national brand.

Great development potential calls for more management personnel. Qualified candidates should be enterprising, quick-minded and has good learning ability. We look forward to resume from any interested individual.


Contact: Lisa Wang

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Add: Huatai International Center, No. 1188 Lushan Road, Dongying City, Shandong Province, China.